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Bought domain name from a client to use it for something useful

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·Oct 5, 2022·

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Bought domain name from a client to use it for something useful
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Table of contents

  • Background
  • What to use it for?


Recently one of my clients offered me the domain name to adjust for an unpaid invoice of $900 USD. The irony is I sold the same domain name to the same client back in 2019 for $100. - Right App For You is what got me interested when I bought it from Godaddy in 2018. Especially the words Right and App.

As I have been developing web applications for the last 16+ years or so, so I thought of buying it right away to use it for some SaaS product. In late 2018, I used it to source/list deals for professionals such as Chartered Accountants, etc. But that didn't take off so I thought of selling it and sold it for $100 USD in Apr 2019.

And, here I am being offered my own domain name back to me. What goes around comes back, right?!. Anyhow, I got it adjusted as has better MOZ analysis than it had when I bought it.

It is now DA-10 and PA-30 domain name; and also has some nice backlinks from sites like,, etc.

What to use it for?

I am not sure of it yet. I will update once I got something nice to work on to make use of the domain name.

Maybe use it for listing top #gaming apps or #mobile apps. Or maybe something different. Or maybe just resell the domain name.

Update - 04/01/2023

I am using for a project-based course teaching how to build a note-taking application using VueJS, ElectronJS, etc.

Update - 04/02/2023

I am letting domain name expire.

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