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WebAssembly reminds me of Java Applets and Macromedia Flash

Let us explore are WebAssembly software programs like Java Applets and Adobe Flash Programs?

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·Apr 8, 2023·

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WebAssembly reminds me of Java Applets and Macromedia Flash
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Rust programming language is meant to write software for low-powered hardware devices, the majority of which include IOT devices, embedded devices such as industrial machines, robotic devices, etc.

WebAssembly is a virtual machine (a software program) that is inbuilt into modern browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc., to download and execute a binary file(s) (a compiled software program specified in the <script> tag in your HTML file) inside the browser.

A majority of WASM software programs are written in the Rust programming language. Though these can be written in C/C++ and Ruby-Lang too.

See the diagram below:-

WASM binary files are included in the HTML files the same way Javascript files are included inside a <script> to tell your browser that there is a web-assembly file that it needs to download and execute.

<script src="mymodule.wasm"></script>

Unlike Javascript which is interpreted on the run, from the source file, without any compiling; WASM binaries are pre-compiled files meant for fast execution and safety.

Java Applets and Adobe Flash were the same, a software program pre-compiled into a binary file running within the browser.

And similar to WASM binaries needing a software program in the browser to get downloaded and executed, both the Java Applets and Adobe Flash needed a browser plugin to get downloaded and executed within the browser.

During my early days in software programming, I built a few websites based on Java Applets and I seriously remember the nightmares I used to have while debugging those.

In 2023, I use either Ruby or JavaScript for building software applications, using VIM and Visual Studio Code, and both programming languages are really easy to debug on the fly than C/C++ and Java, and Rust.

I wouldn't definitely want to go back to the old days of having debugging nightmares and waiting hours while my Rust or C/C++ files for WASM are getting compiled.

I would say, using WASM would make more sense than JavaScript only where there is a need for a CPU-intensive software program execution because of being written in Rust and compiled.

The best examples could be:-

  • Games inside the browser

  • Image, audio, and video editing inside the browser

  • Machine learning computations inside the browser

  • Etc

Do you have any other examples where WASM could be used best? Please comment.

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